1) How it works?
1. Create a Free Account
2. You can earn coins by watching short videos and even by inviting your friends to join.
3. Convert Coins to Cash
2) How can I Earn Coins?
You can earn coins by watching short videos and even by inviting your friends to join.
3) How can I Earn by inviting friends to join?
By inviting your friends to join. you will receive up to 5% from his coins earned on our website, for lifetime.
4) What are those Coins?
Coin = virtual currency used on our website, which can be earned from different activites and can be converted in real cash, paid thru one of our payment methods.
5) What is your Payment Methods?
Paypal and Bank Transfer (This service is only available at the moment in the countries of Belize and México) - Send and Receive*.

Belize - Belize Bank

México - Oxxo

México - Banamex
Clave #002690701161385986
6) How to get paid by converting Coins?
Minimum withdrawal is $1.00, which means 100.00 coins
100 Coins = $1 Dollar
7) How long do I have to wait to receive my payment?
We pay every week.
8) The views are real or bots?
The views are 100% real users just like you from different parts of the world.
9) Can YTubeviews go past 301 views?
Yes, it can. If one of your videos got stuck, continue sending full retention views and it will be unlocked in less than 48 hours.
10) It says my views have been completed, but I haven't received them?
Views do not update in realtime. Please make sure to wait 24-72 hours, before contacting us as they should update in that timespan.
11) My views got removed, why?
The main reason is the fact that a lot of users use low input retention this resulting in low quality views which won't get approved by YouTube's checking algorithms. We advice to input as retention time at least 70% of the total video legth in seconds.

Also please make sure you wait 24-72 hours after your videos has been marked as completed, to ensure that the views have actually been removed, as views do tend to fluctate in this period.
12) How many user accounts can I create with the same ip?
The system only allows to create one user account with the same ip
13) At what time does the server restart?
At 6:00 PM (- 6 Central Time) You need to watch the videos before that time.
14) Who Pays the Commission for Receiving Payments?
Unfortunately if the user chooses as a method of payment some of the local options we have available, the commission that generates the sending of your money will be deducted from your payment.
15) Why was my account deleted?
- Use fake email
- Use bot or software to generate automatic visits
- Use Proxy to create multiple accounts
16) What type of mail is accepted to register?
Only emails from gmail or emails with custom domain
17) How often do you upload new videos from your advertisers?
This can vary, it can be every 5 minutes or every 24 hours. This will depend on the moment our advertisers decide to start their advertising campaign
18) What countries are not allowed?
At the moment we have no restrictions
19) Why do I have to share a screenshot of my payment?
For our company it is very important that all our users receive their payment for the work and the time invested but also it is important to be able to show to the new users that we are a reliable company. For this reason each user who receives a payment must share a screenshot in our facebook group otherwise he will not be able to receive the next payment.
20) Is this page associated with YouTube?
We do not have any type of direct or indirect association with Youtube. We only use its API to offer our users the option to earn money watching videos and the option to promote their videos (Products and Services) hosted on Youtube
21) Is this a Real and Legal Business?
YTUBEVIEWS is only part of many projects we have as a company dedicated and specialized in Advertising, SEO and Online Marketing.
22) How does the Website Earn Money?
We basically earn money by selling our advertising services to companies and entrepreneurs interested in promoting their brands, products and services through video marketing
23) How can I get support?
At the moment we have the option available by our Private Group of Facebook
24) What are the Customer Service Hours?
From Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm (Central Time)
English and Spanish
25) What do I have to do to Promote my Videos?
You only need to create a free account and then configure your campaign
26) What are referrals?
Referrals are people who sign up through your ref link. Your ref link you will find in the affiliate section.
27) How can I retrieve my password?
Click the link 'Forgot your password?' You then enter your email and your password will be resent to your email associated with your account.
28) How can I advertise on YTubeviews?
Advertise on YTubeviews is very simple, you just go to Link for PROMOTE VIDEO and choose the right option for you. We have very low prices and you can set the parameters to ensure the best results
29) What can not be advertised?
Adult Content