Buy YouTube Comments

What are YouTube Comments?

Youtube comment is the feature in the platform, allowed by youtube. This function allows the video viewer to share his/her thoughts are the video. Getting more comments on a video also suggests youtube that your video content is of high quality and engaging. This is the best way to engage with your audience and understand their likes, dislikes, and interests.

What are YouTube Comments Service?

As we have seen, how important it is to get comments on youtube videos. If you are a beginner YouTuber, you must be facing difficulty getting enough engagement on your channel, for example, comments. Comments are one of the crucial parts of youtube engagement. When your particular video gets a high number of comments, it helps youtube know that your videos are engaging and people are liking them.

The role of youtube comments service comes in when your videos are not getting enough quality comments from different profiles. At YTubeViews, you can buy youtube comments so that your channel can grow faster.

As the comment is the crucial part of youtube channel growth, purchasing some can be really helpful. Comments can be more helpful when you are getting enough views and likes, but less number of comments.

Reasons to Buy YouTube Comments

Here are some of the major reasons why you should buy youtube comments:

Why YTubeViews For YouTube Comments?


This is the crucial factor to consider before buying comments from any website. At YTubeViews, we provide free, 24/7 support. If you have any query or you are stuck somewhere with our service, feel free to contact us. Our team will go through your query and respond to you as quickly as possible. We want our customers to get satisfied with our services, so we provide free and 24/7 support.

Quality profiles

The comments you will get on your youtube videos through our service will be from high quality and real profiles. As a reputable company for youtube services, we want to make sure the service our clients get from us will help them grow their channels. Unlike many other companies in the market, we don’t want to deliver fake engagements to our customers. So, the comments from our youtube service can help you get a boost in your video.

Less costly

If you want to buy youtube comments cheap, YTubeViews is the best. At YTubeViews, we try to provide our quality services at the best price. The reason is we want customer satisfaction. We understand it can be difficult for may small YouTubers to spend big amounts just on buy likes and comments on their channels. So, if you are getting started on youtube, you can grow your channel even if you are tight on budget.

Secured payment

For all people, payments are a major concern. At YTubeViews, we have different payment options available and all the payment options are safe and secure. We do not ask you to register to make payment. Once you complete the payment procedure and provide all the details, we will start sending real youtube comments on your videos.

Faster delivery

With other companies, many people often stuck here. Many companies don’t provide their service on the youtube channels within the given time period. In our case, we try to deliver the comments on our customers’ channels as quickly as possible. Our delivery of service works as per our process. Once we get paid and get details from our customers, we start working on sending the real comments.

Privacy & Safety

Are you worried about the data you provide to us? Don’t worry, we have already worked with so many popular YouTubers and marketers. The main goal of YTubeViews is to provide genuine and relevant service to its customers, and not to create a problem in any way. We take different steps to ensure your data is safe with us.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some frequently asked questions on youtube comments service:

1. Why should I buy youtube comments?

Buying youtube comments is not just for newbie YouTubers. If you are already a well-established youtube, still it is a good idea to buy comments on your videos. Buying comments on your videos can benefit your channel in so many ways. It can boost engagement, build trust, provide your videos higher rankings, create social proof, and offset negative comments.

2. Is it legal to buy youtube comments?

Yes, it is legal to buy comments for your youtube videos. Buying comments on your vides becomes safer when you do it from YTubeViews. At YTubeViews, we do not ask for passwords from our customers. All we need to deliver the service is a youtube video link to send comments. As we are not doing anything with your channel’s password or your channel’s data, hence buying youtube comments from us is 100% legal.

3. What is interesting about comments service from YTubeViews?

The obvious question may come in your mind, there are so many websites providing the youtube comments services, but still why you should select YTubeViews? You should use our service because all the comments we deliver are from high quality, real profiles. The engagement from high-quality profiles on your videos tells youtube that your video is engaging & helpful to people, and it can be considered for reaching to a higher audience.

4. Will my youtube channel get banned after buying youtube comments?

No, there is no risk that your channel will get banned after buying youtube comments. We don’t know about other companies providing this type of service, but we know that if you buy comments from us, your channel won’t get banned. As we use real profiles to deliver our service, youtube won’t be able to figure out whether the comments on your channel are bought. So, with YTubeViews, there’s nothing to worry about your channel getting banned.

5. Will buying youtube comments help me to grow my channel?

Of course. By getting custom, positive comments on your videos, you will see a great growth on your youtube channel. Youtube wants to provide the best results to its users. So whenever a particular video gets good engagement (such as likes, comments, shares, etc.), it gives youtube the idea that the video is helpful to users. It also helps with channel growth in another way. When people viewing your video visit comment section, find so many comments, it also makes them leave a comment about your video.

6. Will YTubeViews provide real or fake comments?

Unlike many other websites, we don’t provide fake comments to our customers. As we have said, our aim is to satisfy our customers, we can’t satisfy our customers by providing fake comments. The good thing about our comments service is you can buy custom comments. This feature allows you to add custom, unique different comments depending on your video topic. So, people checking your comment section will also not come to know whether the comments in your youtube video are purchased.

7. I can’t see the package for youtube comments I want, what should I do?

Our website already has different packages for youtube comments service. Don’t worry. If you can’t see the package you are looking for, we can provide you the custom order. All you have to do is contact us and tell us your requirements. Our support team will help you provide the best package as per your requirements.

8. Is there any risk of a decrease?

With YTubeViews service, there is no need to worry about decrease of your comments. As we have said, we always use quality and real profiles for delivering comments service, hence youtube cannot find out whether the comments you are getting on your video are purchased. Youtube has no problem if your video is getting engagement from real accounts. There’s the risk of a decrease in your video comments only when your video gets spammy comments from bots.

Our Process

Different social media services providing companies have different processes for delivering their services. Unlike other companies, the process of YTubeViews is really simple and easy. Here are the steps you are required to follow to get our youtube comments service:

1 Package selection

The first step comes in the process is package selection. We have many packages available for our youtube comments service. First of all, you need to choose the package depending on your requirements. If none of the comments packages meet your requirements, feel free to contact us. We will provide you a custom order.

 2.Enter details

After selecting the right package, the next step is to enter all the details. At YTubeViews, we do not ask crucial information like the password of the channel. To get started with delivering engagement on your channel, all we need is the link to your youtube video. And, you do not have to go through any complex steps when you use our service. After the payment gets confirmed, our team will start working on delivering comments on your video.

3.See the magic

Now sit back and relax. The work will be started once we receive payment and details. After you have chosen the right package and provided us all the details, you will start seeing comments coming on your video. We know how important it is to deliver the service faster. That’s why we provide our comments service within 24 hours of order.