Buy YouTube Subscribers From YTubeViews With Unique Organic Promotion

Are you looking for the best way to buy YouTube subscribers? When you are looking to build your YouTube channel, it does not happen overnight. There are tons of competition in the market, and therefore, it can be hard to become popular on such a crowded platform. As an owner of a YouTube channel, you are often in search of new ways to attract more subscribers in order to gain more popularity for your videos — and one tactic that you can easily employ is to purchase real subscribers.

All of us have seen many forums like quora and yahoo answers where people asks this question,
“ Should I buy subscribers on YouTube when I am first starting with my channel ? ”

And well, the answer can be a lot complicated. There are many ways that you can buy YouTube subscribers legit, and then there are some methods that will definitely result in banning your account permanently such as when you try to buy fake YouTube subscribers.

If you are looking for risk-free service to grow your views and subscribers on YouTube, look nowhere else, YTubeViews is commited to provide you the best YouTube marketing service. YTubeViews will help you build your business and become popular on one of the world’s biggest social media platforms.

Why YTube Views is the best website to Buy YouTube Subscribers?

These are some principles and features that YTubeViews follows:

  • A unique approach to helping you and your channel to gain organic views and subscribers. With proper white hat search engine optimisation techniques that will help to promote your account and get real subscribers.

These can be widely divided into four important techniques:

  • Running paid ad campaigns: Various social media platforms such as Google, Facebook, Twitter etc in order to promote your videos on the platform for better exposure.
  • Posts on various social media platforms: This will help you to get more attention to your channel and videos.
  • Promote on various social groups and forums: Promotion on such groups and forums will ensure that your channel and business reach the worldwide audience.
  • Take shout outs: Shout outs from other popular influencers on YouTube and other social media platforms in order to boost your presence on YouTube.

All of the above techniques are just the tip of the iceberg. You can rest assure that proper research and investigation will lead to the best service for yourself without worrying about a ban from YouTube.

Why you should buy YouTube views and subscribers ?

Every user on the platform dreams of making it big on the platform. A dream that one day that they too shall be be known, loved and admired by the viewers on the platform and it can be really frustrating when you are starting fresh on the platform with no prior experience, it might seem hard for many, but with proper strategies and legit sources on the internet, you can make your journey much more easier.

Are you looking to grow your authority and brand on YouTube? Then being active on the platform on a regular basis is one of the necessities. Look for the best place to buy YouTube subscribers as this will provide the best service to you so you can easily buy subscribers on YouTube for cheap. This is a great way for you to grow on YouTube. So why do you need to buy them you might ask.

Top Benefits of buying YouTube subscribers and views ?

The bigger your YouTube subscribers base and engagement rate, the more marketing reach you will be able to claim. Having a big subscriber base boosts your online popularity and also helps to improve your brand’s online reputation.
Can you imagine how easy it will become to sell your products and services when you have a subscriber base that considers you to be an influencer or trusts you brand name? When you buy subscribers and views on YouTube, you get the following benefits

A Larger Reach for the Global Audience

Your products and services will enjoy a huge international exposure. Businesses are going global these days, and you need to find a way if you want to attract attention around the world and be relevant in the industry. The hardest part about getting started is to get to your first hundred and thousand subscribers. When you start with your YouTube channel it is perfectly natural for people to be unwilling to engage with your profile initially even if you are having some great contents because they see very less subscribers. If you buy some subscribers and views, you will have a good following from the beginning and you won’t have to go around hijacking posts or spamming users to follow your channel. Therefore, buying real subscribers on YouTube does come with its many perks.

More Traffic to your Page Than Ever Before

If you can buy legit YouTube subscribers and at cheap rates, it will not only increase your channel’s popularity, it will also fuel your success both on and off the platform and also saves you a lot of money in the process. Having a higher number of viewers and subscribers will result in higher conversions. This will help you to drive more traffic to your personal website and other social media accounts that you own. When users see more subscribers on your channel, it will raise the curiosity in your channel visitors, and they will start to wonder what’s all that hype about which will result in you receiving, even more, clicks, engagements and traffic. Always make sure that you buy active YouTube subscribers instead of fake bots to get the best out of your investment.

You look more Popular

When you are starting with your own YouTube channel for yourself it might feel like a very difficult and steep uphill battle. You might be doing all of the right things that are required; creating and uploading high-quality videos, posting them on a consistent basis, making proper and effective use of your tags, metatags, titles, thumbnails, descriptions etc, but view count is considered as a major determining factor by the users regarding the quality of your video and the authority of your channel.

A similar mindset is also applicable in case of your subscribers. Once the viewers find that your reach is low, they may assume in the back of their mind that your content isn’t worth watching and will be a waste of their time. This will encourage them to move on from your channel and look for a related video from a more popular channel that has a much higher number of viewership that your channel. You certainly would not want that!

When you gain more YouTube subscribers it can effectively make your channel appear to be more popular in the platform which will attract more attention, and will compel viewers to click through to your videos and in turn converting the viewers into active subscribers.

Forge Connections and Boost Your Networking Reach

When you have genuine viewers and subscribers on your channel, you will have the tremendous opportunity to build professional and constructive relationships with like-minded people who will be able to help you succeed. Subscribers and viewers who are active, real, and interested in what you have to share are what you should aim to achieve. Buy real active YouTube subscribers to forge new relationships in the industry.

Gaining Visibility, Impact, and Sales

Are you still thinking “should I buy YouTube subscribers?”. Well, the answer is definitely yes. The more viewers you have, the more people you can reach. This will tremendously help you to position channel at the top of your industry or niche which will subsequently result in driving more sales for your products or services than ever before. An influential YouTube channel will have a huge impact and also builds trust and lets people know the value you are able to provide.

Improved Rankings on Search Results

By now you have got the answer to the question “Where can I buy Youtube Subscribers?”. YouTube’s algorithm takes into account the view counts when they are ranking the videos according to the specific keywords. When you are buying subscribers for your channel, you will gain higher rankings as this will help to improve the credibility of your videos.

There is no need to mention that you will need to improve your rank on YouTube to gain more popularity. Well just think about it, Do you even remember the time you clicked on a video that was on the second or third page of the search results?

Having a higher rank in search results gives your videos more exposure and helps to put them in front of as many viewers as possible when they search for the relevant keywords. With this greater visibility, you will be able to garner new subscribers and views organically. Just add a few spoons of paid subscribers, and you’ve got yourself the ultimate recipe to create an active YouTube community!

It will help you to Better build an Organic Audience

Users on the platform are less likely to subscribe to your channel because you have a small number of viewers and subscribers, and they will be more likely to engage with your contents because you have a large set of subscribers.

This is what you call the “Bandwagon Effect”, the opinion of the people are shaped by the opinions of those around him.

When you start to legitimately buy subscribers and views in order to increase the number of views, your channel will stand to be likeable and influential to your audience. Potential subscribers will take this as a concrete proof in making their decision to interact with your videos or subscribe to your channel.

What started out as a paid viewership option will soon lead to an accumulation of real and organic subscribers on your channel.

It helps you to Better Target the Exact Audience

Every minute there are over three hundred plus hours of videos being uploaded to YouTube as you read this article, and therefore it is safe to say that all of these videos have a wide range of topics that they cover on.

So, when you are uploading a specific video on YouTube, you should be having a certain set of audience in mind. but exactly how do you plan on reaching them, so that you are able to convert more subscribers?

With the help of sponsored ads, not only will you be able to buy YouTube subscribers by simply promoting your video to the targeted audience who are interested in your content but it will also encourage new viewers on your channel due to the high density of engagement on your videos.

When you are looking to buy YouTube subscribers with the help of Google, Instagram or Facebook, you will be granted the special ability to create highly targeted ad campaigns that are more suitable to your audience and brand. You will have the ability to target your subscribers based on several criteria such as location, demographics etc. For example, you might want more viewers from the US. You can easily get subs from YTubeViews, if you have followed all the tips and tricks, we have provided. Investing in this option will generate your audience over time and will grow larger and larger, and gradually start sharing your videos with their friends and family. This is one of the most crucial networking strategies that you can employ in order to start building authentic subscribership of viewers who are much more in tune with your content.

How do you buy Real YouTube Subscribers the right way ?

From a humble housewife to the self-made entrepreneur, it looks like that everyone around us is in a rush to find their piece of online stardom. Did you know YouTube has over a billion active users that are active on the platform on a daily basis?

Sometimes it might seem futile to compete with creators who have tons of subscriber counts on their channel and the sheer number of videos they seem to be churning out each and every month. It may seem even getting the first 200 subscribers can be a huge ordeal. At that time buying 1000 YouTube subscribers might seem a good bet. But hold on to your precious dollars and continue reading with us. Many of our clients when started their channels were too in the same position as you are now in.

Case Study:

When an Indian housewife started out with her cooking YouTube channel in the year 2015, she did not have any views or subscribers which made her super embarrassed, so she went on the internet and searched to buy 1000 YouTube subscribers for $5.

She went to sleep not knowing if anything would be happening. The very next morning, waking up excited she ran to turn on her computer, and to her great excitement, she had tons of YouTube views on her channel. She felt amazing! Till she received an email.

The email was from YouTube.

She ran into the risk of having her YouTube account almost banned within the first few days of creation. Thankfully, nothing bad happened.

Of course, some of you are thinking that she could have easily signed up for a new channel with a new email. But when you have to start over all over again, it can highly discourage people and they may stop most of the people who want to move ahead to achieve their goal.

Luckily she found YTubeViews and contacted us, we expained her evrything and helped her out. There is a proper way to buy YouTube subscribers fast on any channel, and if her mistake would have led to her account being banned, the case study we are sharing today would not have been possible. Do not buy cheap service that gives lots of subscribers for $1 or $5. You need to ensure that subscribers are real and engaging. YTube views do not provide bots. All the subscribers of YTube views are real worldwide audience.

Can you buy YouTube Subscribers without getting into trouble ?

Getting straight to the point; Only get YouTube channel subscribers from legitimate sources that do not use bots.

A quick search on the Google website will show you that there are tons of places where you can buy views, subscribers, likes and many other things for your YouTube channel. Be wary of using such so-called “legitimate” sources on the internet. As the main problem for most of the sources is that they tend to sell you views and interaction from the users who do not want to watch or engage with your videos making the whole point of having a huge subscriber base trivial. You can get YouTube subscribers from these sources. It might seem a good idea at first because of cheap price. But this will bring more harm to your channel.

So, what exactly happens when you get subscribers on YouTube from such shady sources? Most of the time the websites that are increasing your subs send your videos to different bots and use proxies, they are not real humans, which makes it a total loss of your hard-earned money. Never aim to buy YouTube subscribers cheap as most of the time these have a negative effect than a positive one.

You will get what you were promised, but most of the time you will be left with low rates of engagements and watch hours for your videos. This is a definite red flag for your channel, as Google will interpret your video to be bad, which in turn will deteriorate the reputation of your channel. People are sure to notice if your video if it has a million views but only has few likes. People are not that dumb.

We have personally experienced that Google is always scouring the platform to identify channels that have gained subscribers and engagements from illegitimate sources and trying to fool Google can land you in some serious trouble and your account might be banned forever from the platform. Gain YouTube subscribers from a reputed source and only invest in it once you are fully satisfied with the result. Try base package first and then decide based on the results.

If you are looking to avoid all of these negative consequences, you will need to know how to buy YouTube subscribers only from legit sources on the internet.

So, what are the exact differences between legitimate and illegitimate sources?

Illegitimate advertisers

So you might be thinking “can I buy YouTube subscribers from cheap sources?”. On the internet, you will be flooded with sources that claim of boosting your YouTube subscribers for a price or sometimes even claim that you will be able to buy YouTube subscribers free. These websites use a combination of various techniques that aims to increase the number of views through an automated process, like bots or an underhanded attempt to trick the viewers into watching videos, such as:

• Increasing views with the help of redirects: This refers to the changing of the URL that brings the user to your video link without them even knowing. Users are very annoyed and discouraged by this type of practice of redirection.

• With the help of pop-under ads: Whenever you open a new page, a new pop up ad will appear below the current window.

• Deceptive layouts: With the help of deceptive layouts these sources are able to hide the video and play it automatically whenever the viewer opens the page

• Third-party websites that provide fake views generated with the help of automated bots instead of organic viewers.

Any of the above-mentioned illegitimate means will definitely have serious repercussions for your online reputation, as these are in direct violation with the Terms of Service that YouTube has put forward. Beware! If you are caught by YouTube for implementing such methods to gain subscribers, it will lead to the views and subs not being taken into account by the platform’s algorithm or your video might end up being removed, or worst of all your account might be permanently banned from the platform. So, steer clear from such sites and sources and stop looking to buy cheap YouTube subscribers as most of the times this will land you into some serious trouble.

Legitimate advertisers

Let us finally get into the depths of the matter and unveil what is the step that you can take in order to ensure that you safely how to buy subs for your channel?

Whether you are considering to buy 100 YouTube subscribers or buy 100 000 YouTube subscribers,

Websites that use sponsored ads can be a great choice for buying subscribers from legitimate sources. Of course, you will need the proper budget in the first place to get things started.

You gain a genuine view when someone watches your video because they are actually interested in your content and not just, they were forced to see the video using a pop-up ad. This results in the conversion of an organic subscriber. You cannot fool your viewers into watching something they don’t really want to.

Any type of growth that is achieved by your channel through legitimate sources are considered to be valid, viable and completely legal. This can mean only one thing for your business! And that is a success for your business!

We will be taking a look at the ways on how do you buy subscribers on YouTube and build your YouTube fame for your channel.

Things to keep in mind when you are buying YouTube subscribers and views

Maybe you are looking to buy 10000 YouTube subscribers or maybe you were looking for a zero-effort hack into gaining online stardom. Well believe us when we say this, there is no such way and there was you would not have had read this article until now.
Look, we get it and we are not here to shame anyone; we get that being a busy people you will need to be efficient as much as possible.
But keep in mind that the creators behind some of the world’s biggest YouTube channels are spending their time or money very wisely in order to gain more subscribers. They too are busy making awesome videos for the community and still have time for more, so there is absolutely no excuse for not giving your full effort for your cause.

They don’t bother with fake subscribers and viewers, and neither should you so stop looking to buy YouTube subscribers for $1.

When you are in the market for cheap and multiple subscribers the whole set-up is fairly simple and straightforward. You will only need to provide with the cash and your video link and these fake companies will fill your videos with fake views and increasing your subscriber count with the use of bots which is a very big red flag for YouTube’s terms of service. Either way, the service will win: they either get your time or your money and what do you get in return for cheaping out on your business?

  • A bunch of bot subscribers that don’t engage with your contents and only increase the subscriber count.
  • A bad reputation for your actual and organic audience, who would be probably quite keen on the authenticity of your brand.
  • The risk of raising a red flag with YouTube’s fake engagement policy which can result in your channel from getting banned permanently from the platform.
  • Potential distrust from any brands or influencer that you are looking to partner with.

At the end of the day, all of this is not worth the money and the hassle.

Now for the sake of argument, let us assume that you do end up getting 500 YouTube subscribers that are fake and YouTube does not flag your channel. Have you ever stopped to consider what exactly will you be getting from those fake subscribers that you paid for? Well, it is kind of a no-win situation for you if you don’t take proper care and caution when you are buying such services from the internet. We hope that it won’t come as a surprise to you that such false practices also fall under YouTube’s fake engagement policy. Buying bot subscribers and fake views are not right and should not be done. Take your time into finding the best place to buy YouTube subscribers in 2020 that offer real and organic subscribers and views for your channel, they might charge a bit for their services but trust us when we say your money will be well spent.

Now let us put our hypothetical hats on for a second and imagine that you were on the other side of a fence, and somebody else is paying you to subscribe to their channel, or maybe just watch a video on their channel. As soon you are done with what you were paid to do, you’re under no obligation to watch any more of their content on their channel or even for that matter to stay subscribed to their channel. It was never your idea to watch their content in the first place, apart from the financial incentive. That’s not really the type of relationship you would want with your audience, is it? It is not a recipe for success.

Now, granted, that was a hypothetical scenario. But you absolutely know what we are talking about, right? Nobody said getting famous on YouTube was going to be easy, and buying fake subscribers and views indeed makes it impossible because your channel will be banned on the first sign of an illegitimate action. Your success is gauged by your hard work and the time that you have put in to create something for yourself as well as the entire community. But the most important thing is, you need to do it organically and with real subscribers. channel. And if this little graphic down here helps push you over the edge, which is allowed by YouTube, then go ahead. And that’s how you get subscribers the right way.

How to find the best site to buy YouTube subscribers for your channel?

YTubeViews has come up some of the different ways that can help you to determine that our website provides the highest quality of organic subscribers and views in the market. You can very easily gain YouTube subscribers from us. You should always keep an eye out for firms that have been in the field with many years of experience. YTubeViews is working from last 5+ years and have worked with many reputable customers including celebrities, bloggers and internet sensations. We always offer best customer support, and in the unlikely case that you are not happy with the outcome of the campaign, we find a way to remedy the situation. Check for online reviews and testimonials as proof of the world class services we provide. You can easily get YouTube subscribers and views from such websites without any second thought.

Get subscribers for YouTube through Google and other reputable sources.

Getting real YouTube subscribers at cheap from Google or other reputable sources is perhaps the most effective way to buy views, engagements and subscribers for your channel. You might be wondering, “can you buy subscribers for YouTube straight from Google or YouTube itself?”
The best choice for you is to sign up for an account in Google AdWords and run various types of advertisements as a form of PPC (pay-per-click) advertising is a great way of sharing your video with your targeted audience. This will give you the ability to run highly specific and targeted ad campaigns which will make sure that your contents reach your targeted audience.
But do you know how to run the ads campaign in the most optimum way so the cost is minimum and ROI is maximum. YTubeViews has team of experts over 10 years of experience running optimised ads for over 10K clients.

In the case of YouTube ads, you will be basically working with two different types of ads:

  • In-stream ads: Appear before or after or during a YouTube video.
  • In-display ads: Appear in the search result pages or in the section for related videos.

If you’re just starting out in the industry, it can be a great idea to get started with both the types of ads that we mentioned above and see which of these can deliver the best results for your channel.

Let us go ahead and take out all of the guesswork from the entire process.

In-stream ads

Looking to buy 500 YouTube subscribers or buy 100k YouTube subscribers, In-stream ads can be a great choice. In-stream ads are one of the most common types of ads for digital marketing on YouTube and these can be made either skippable or non-skippable according to the choice of the user.
In the case of skippable ads, it presents the viewers with the choice to watch the ad in full, or skip the ad. On the other hand, when you are using a non-skippable ad, it must be watched fully before the actual video starts to play.

Both of these types of ad come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. According to marketing trends, non-skippable ads offer better viewer engagement, but they are also prone to a higher rate of video abandonment than its skippable counterpart.
Additionally, with a skippable ad, you will only need to spend your money when a viewer watches the full length of the ad, or at a minimum of thirty seconds before skipping the ad. What this means is that you will be able to create an affordable budget by delivering the right content to the right users at the right time.

In-stream video ads can help you to achieve a number of objectives for your business:

  • A huge boost on the number of subscribers on your channel

In-stream ads are a great option if you are looking to buy YouTube subscribers for cheap and build a decent base of loyal subscribers and engaged viewers for your channel. You will just need to make sure that you are maintaining consistency by posting new and relevant video contents that have worked for you in the past.

  • Raising your brand awareness and identity for free!

Ads are one of the best ways that can dramatically improve the identity of your brand as well as its recall value. In fact, more than 50 per cent of online marketers agree with the previous statement. And the best part is it will cost you nothing if someone skips your video ad before watching it for the first thirty seconds. What this means is that you only pay for the engaged users.

  • Make a Point to Find out what works the best for you and your audience

The analytics tool that is built in YouTube offers you with some real time data of how your ads are performing on the platform. This can prove to be greatly beneficial for you as this will help you to make any necessary adjustments in order to see what types of contents gets you the best results.

  • Driving sales/ROI

Video content is a great way of creating a new method of communication if you want to reach targeted customers fast and effectively. With the help of YouTube ads, users are provided with a great way to increase the traffic on your website, with over half of the marketing experts preferring video to be the type of content that provides the best return on investment.

  • Make Marketing Easier and More Effective

Getting more YouTube subscribers through employing ads may help you to bypass some of the more complicated marketing methods and move straight to the front of the profit line. It is essential that you can focus on the quality of your contents, products and services. This helps you to build trust with your audience and believe me, trust is everything when you want to sell anything, and there is no better way to make people realize that you’re a reputable seller than featuring your beautifully crafted ads to attract more subscribers.

  • Get a Boost on all of your Social Media Platforms

Quality video contents on a consistent basis will not only boost your presence on YouTube but also boost your profiles on other social media platforms as well. Nowadays, most of the businesses have a presence across all of the major social network platforms so all of the social media platforms are bound to cross paths at some point.

When people see that you have a ton of subscribers and views on YouTube, they will be curious to check your other social media profiles too. This gives you a high probability of them following your other accounts too. You should consider buying subscribers on other social media platforms as well in order to boost your popularity on other major social media platforms. We guess you have got some idea on how do you buy YouTube subscribers till now.

In-display ads

In-display ads are another great option to aid your marketing strategy on YouTube. Let us learn a bit more about the use of in-display and how they can be work constructively for your channel and videos. Most of you have probably seen one of these ads appear in the search listings or as overlays on other videos.
The best thing about these in-display ads tends to be less invasive as compared to in-stream ads, but these are highly effective and help you to buy YouTube subscribers at cheapest rates. On the plus side, they are typically more a more budget-friendly option than advertising on the Google search.
Keep in mind that you will need to understand your target audience in order to create efficient in-display ads. You should be able to foresee what types of content your audience will be looking for and thus ensuring that any videos that you upload be engaging and relevant to their needs. Analysing trending keywords is undoubtedly a very important part in your quest to fully understand the needs of your target audience. With proper keyword research, you can easily improve your marketing campaigns and also optimize your content. Buying YouTube accounts with subscribers can also be a great option if you don’t want to start things from scratch.

Let us take an example, say you own a company that offers consultancy to other corporations about sound and video production. After doing thorough research, you found that a lot of users are searching for the phrase “shooting videos on an iPhone”, but on your channel, you don’t currently have the specific video. You put in the effort and create one. You did your research efficiently and you know it is a highly relevant video as people are constantly searching for it. All of these factors are positive and these will ensure that you get the desired high conversion rates of viewers into real subscribers which will further help you to buy US YouTube subscribers from the country of your choice.
Next, using in-display advertising for the promotion of your video would be a wise choice as your ad would be appearing as a paid listing when users on the platform search for the related keywords which further your social reach on the platform. Companies that offer you to buy subscribers YouTube free or buy 1000 YouTube subscribers cheap, generally are not considered to be legitimate at all and always try to steer away from such sources.
Now your videos would always appear in that golden top spot of the search page, and because the titles are so closely interwoven with the user’s search queries, your videos would appear to be highly relevant for your audience thereby encouraging more and more viewers to click through to watch your video.
And as we have mentioned it countless time, if you have higher counts of views on your videos it will always lead to more subscribers.

How to do YouTube’s in-display ad setup?

When you start with the process of setting up your in-display ad on YouTube, you will be presented with a number of different targeting options. What this means is that you will have the freedom to choose to include your preferred audience according to their demographics, interests, and most importantly, keywords. This has a particular significance as you will be able to enter a word that is related to your video or your targeted audience for example, “mobile cameras”, and select the function “Find related keywords” if you want to get more useful ideas.

Get Subscribers by Promoting yourself on Facebook and other social media platforms

This is another way for you to indirectly buy 50k YouTube subscribers or more is with the help of Facebook and other social media outlets.

When you create a new video for your channel, make sure that you create a post on your own website to embed the YouTube video on that post. When you put up this post, you can post it to Facebook or Instagram and spend a few dollars to boost the post in order to reach more users.

And as Facebook and Instagram are two of the biggest names to dominate the industry of social media, you should be able to make sure that your video is received to a wider set of audience and also, you will be able to promote it to a highly targeted set of audience who already likes your content and therefore will boost your subscriber count on YouTube. It is also possible to then add links of your YouTube videos on any digital platform, such as Twitter and LinkedIn as these can be quite effective, or via email; through automated mailing services, or maybe even go the extra mile by finding some online influencers that will prove very helpful in sharing your content.

It is a great idea to consider several online communities like Facebook Groups, Reddit, or other related forums that can easily relatable with your brand or business as they could be filled with prospective subscribers who might appreciate your contents.

Keep in mind that being relevant is the key to your online stardom. Never post in big communities simply because they have a high number of members; instead, you should be aiming for online communities that align with your content and your business. You need to ask yourself this question, “will my contents bring any value to that particular community? If the answer is no, it might not the right place for you or your contents.
As a content creator, your job is to find out avenues of how and where to best promote your videos. When you are talking about social media giants like Facebook and Instagram, utilising their services is a tried and tested method when it comes to earning legitimate subscribers on your YouTube videos; however, there is no reason to be afraid of experimenting with other platforms to find out which one is the best for your brand and your subscribers.
You have put in your hours into making the videos, so let the people know that you have created a brand-new one!

Gain more subscribers by Optimizing your YouTube channel

After looking at some of the best places to buy YouTube subscribers in 2018, Let us take a look at how to optimise your YouTube channel.
Before you start scouring the web to find legit sources to buy YouTube subscribers and viewers, aim to buy youtube subscribers reviews as these will help to gain better insights on the platform as reviews can be very a powerful tool. Optimising your channel should be in your list of top priorities. An optimised channel on YouTube is guaranteed to deliver the best viewing experience for your viewers and works wonders for the YouTube channel in order to gain tons of subscribers on the platform. Let us take a look at a few steps that you can take in order to ensure proper optimisation of your channel.

  • A compelling home page

The very first thing users will see when they are first visiting your channel is your home page, so make sure that it needs to make a good first impression. Remember, the first impression is the last. Take your time to build yourself a professional-looking home page that will perfectly align with your channel and brand. No amount of investment will help you if you fail to create a captivating home page for your channel.

  • A perfect profile picture

The profile picture is equivalent to your channel’s icon and will the same picture will feature everywhere you comment on YouTube so you can understand the importance of choosing the perfect profile picture for your channel.

The best way is to choose a simple and identifiable image as your profile picture. As a creator, you should avoid cluttering the image because the profile picture appears in a very small size on the screen. If it is possible, try to include a human element like a human face into your profile picture. This is important because the human brain is finely tuned to pick out faces than logos. This will help you to gain recognition among your viewers as they can easily draw parallels with your channel when they look at your profile picture. Choosing a face instead of a logo also makes your viewers more comfortable in interacting with your channel which will help you to gain greater exposure on YouTube and buy subscribers.

  • Select a proper trailer for your channel

The trailer is that video which auto-plays when someone visits the home page of your channel. Having an effective trailer in equally important as this has the ability to gain or lose a subscriber for your channel. So it is important that you make it count. Ideally, trailers should be about one to two minute long and it should be able can tell the user what your channel and brand is all about. So, make every second of the trailer count.

  • Creating playlists

Most of the times on the home page, you have the ability to feature playlists which consist some of your top contents and each playlist gives you the ability to feature different playlists in different sections, with support of up to ten sections.

For the first section of your channel, you might consider featuring some of the best contents for the new viewers on your channel.

Also, feature playlists also provide you with a great opportunity to feature some of your most popular topics and videos in order to and create some binge-worthy playlists as this makes sure that your audience has a laid back experience which encourages your viewers to watch the content on your channel. Let us provide you with an effective tip. In the analytics section of your profile, find out the videos that perform the best with your viewers and therefore include them in the playlist.

  • Your About Page

This page is directly accessible from the home page of your YouTube channel. The about page is a great place where you can easily include a short and crisp description of your channel and your business. Write about what makes your channel different from the crowd and what value you are offering for your subscribers. This can play the role of a catalyst when you are looking to engage more users on your channel and help better instead of buying 5000 YouTube subscribers.

  • Adding Tags to your Videos

Tagging your videos properly can have a positive impact on the success of your channel. When you add tags to your videos with the help of a simple formula, YouTube’s algorithm can sort your videos according to their tags

Although YouTube gives you a maximum of 500-character tags, if you are planning to add more than fifteen tags in a single video it will be considered to be keyword stuffing which is not desirable at any stage. However, you still need to add as many tags as possible so that your videos are able to get better ranks in the search results.

The best way for you to achieve the perfect balance you will need to aim for 10 to 12 tags for each of your videos on the channel.

Always start with tags that are usually the exact phrases, the user searches for. Let us look at some of the examples of such tags. “How to update software in Linux” and “Linux command to update the kernel.” These are the tags that you might find reflecting keywords on the search engine’s auto filled drop-down list that appears when you start typing in the search box.

Continue adding such exact keywords for the next few tags, preferably around five to ten. Now you also want to use some general phrases in your tags. These types of tags include more general terms such as “Ubuntu review” and “Installing Ubuntu.” Use your business name as your last tag.

  • Keyword inclusion in the Title and Description of the video

In order to gain maximum traction, you should be able to create several points of links among the videos on your channel and other videos including your playlists and any other video that has the potential to rank well for specific search terms. The best way to achieve this is by including keywords in the title of your video as well as its description.

Let us take an example, if you have a YouTube channel that is solely focused on OS reviews, your aim should be to integrate terms like “Manjaro review” and “Arch Linux review” into title and description of your video.

At the bare minimum, at least one keyword should be included in the title that is also used in the description. Including the tags in the title of your playlists is even better.

  • Optimizing Your Video Titles

It is the belief of many people that by simply stuffing keywords, they will be able to achieve higher ranks on search results. However, this concept is totally wrong and pointless. You will have to optimize your videos for the users. If you put in nonsensical and boring titles that are stuffed with core keywords, most of the viewers on the platform don’t want to click and watch your video let alone subscribing to your channel.

Video Titling on YouTube for search rankings is an art. As an artist, you will need to generate titles that are intriguing and rich in proper keywords.

Following a fixed and simple formula can easily help you come up with the perfect titles that people would be intrigued to click. You will need to create the same broad formula you used for optimising your playlists in which the video appears. This will enable the ties between the video and the other videos in the playlist. This will make sure that all your videos get a boost in search rankings.

Having the perfect title will mean that the viewers will want to watch your videos but it should not be sounding like clickbait. Try to narrate a story with the title. Humans have always had an affinity for stories and tales. Titles become instantly more effective when a story is set up because your viewers will be curious to know what will happen next.

Channel optimization in YouTube is an overlooked aspect because most of the creators on the platform focus on getting the most views for individual videos. But when you are optimizing your entire channel for your audience, it spreads the YouTube love much further and among more users which result in collecting more views for more videos and higher conversion rates of viewers into active subscribers. After all, people will subscribe to your channel, not your videos. We hope this answers your question of can you buy subscribers on YouTube effectively and safely.

How do I find the perfect keywords for my videos and get more subscribers?

We have listed out a few very simple ways for you to get started

YouTube search

Any search request on Google and YouTube, the platform interpret the request in order to present you with a list of relevant potential phrases. For example, searching for “Shooting videos on the go” will provide you with the options such as “with iPhone”, “with Google Pixel”, and “with a macro lens”. All of these can have the potential to be the topic for a future video.

Keyword Planner

The feature of the Keyword Planner is Google AdWords’ invaluable tool to conduct keyword research. All you need to do is do a simple search for the phrases that are related to your brand’s identity and Google AdWords will provide you with everything you need in a neat chart, with various important data about how often the specific keywords have been searched on the platform and how their popularity on the search engine varies from time to time.

Make proper use of Google Trends

Another useful tool that helps you to essentially pick out the list of potential keywords and phrases is Google Trends. Google Trends will give you a comprehensive list of useful insights into the popularity of specific keywords. For instance, how often the keywords and phrases have been searched, and whether these are still in the list of trending topics. This will help you to analyse the top searches and you will be able to buy instant YouTube subscribers.

Keep an eye on your competition

It is considered to be foolish to want to rely too much on someone else’s work, and you certainly do not want to copy paste it. But it is always a good idea to keep an eye out on the topics that are being covered by your competition as you may find this very useful in forming your strategy. It is therefore of utmost importance that you always remain aware of any existing trends in your niche. Reddit can also be a great tool to keep an eye on your competition and you can easily look to buy YouTube subscribers on Reddit if you can afford to do all and every necessary research before investing.

Keep an eye on your competition

Simply put, YouTube engagements are the likes, comments, views and dislikes on the videos that you publish on your channel. Why are they important you may ask?
YouTube videos with higher engagements have the power to carry those videos to reach a much larger audience. With more engagements on your videos, people will be inclined to interact with your videos and when your videos start to reach a wider set of an audience from different parts of the world, your subscriber count will naturally increase thus making your channel relevant on the platform. So, the profits you’re making on YouTube will also increase. So now you can buy 1 million YouTube subscribers if you have done your due diligence. This makes YouTube perhaps the most appropriate platform to watch videos and gain information on any field. But you should be extremely careful about what type of videos you’re publishing videos on the platform. This is especially important when you’re creating your profile. If you need any help, reading YouTube’s rules and guidelines can be of definite help for most of the cases.

How to Increase Your YouTube Engagement?

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Let us help you to get the extra leverage on the platform that you deserve. This will help with increasing your YouTube engagement numbers and improve your social media marketing strategy.

How do I find the perfect keywords for my videos and get more subscribers?

  • Simple and beautiful thumbnails: Since the human mind is naturally drawn to images and other visual aids, you will simply fail to attract more clicks on your awesome videos if you are using the usual and boring thumbnails.

Well, here is an interesting fact! Did you know that 90 per cent of the best performing videos on YouTube have a custom thumbnail? When you are uploading your video clips on YouTube, you have the ability to choose a custom thumbnail that will float around with your video on YouTube.

Here is how you can make your thumbnails more engaging:

      • Make all distinct and informative thumbnails for each and every one of your videos and make sure that the thumbnails are relevant to the topic of the video so that the viewers know what to expect just by looking at the thumbnail.
      • It is a great idea to add your branding or some custom explainer text overlaying your thumbnail image to make sure that it stands out from your competitors and will compel your target audience to click and watch your videos.
      • The images you put on your thumbnails should be of high-resolution and make sure that the text is readable on all screen sizes. This makes sure that you offer an awesome user viewing experience, regardless of the device on which they choose to watch the video.
  • Keep your videos short and crisp to keep your subscribers happy:

As we mentioned earlier that when you are having a higher retention rate of your viewers automatically puts you in the good books of the platform.

One of the key ranking factors for videos is the video watch time. The percentage of your video that is watched is more important than the runtime of the video, but, it’s obviously a great idea to improve your score on both the factors. Fickle minds and decreasing attention spans make it a challenge to get more people to stick around and watch your entire video. An average internet user usually spends about 20 seconds on a web site.

Hence, you can understand how important it is to grab the attention of your viewers within the first 10 seconds of the video, if not the first 5.

Let us explore three ways to improve your retention rates:

    • Keep your intro and outro short and get to the point. This shows a command of confidence in your personality and this becomes crucial to engage your viewers.
    • Try to weave an engaging story in your content. Storytelling is a unique trait that can boost viewer retention.
    • The longer your video is, the lower its retention rate will be. So, don’t stretch out your videos to longer than 3 to 4 minutes. If you are delivering something that cannot be crammed in such a short span consider breaking the video into different parts to make sure the viewers know what exactly to expect in the next episode. This keeps the audience curious and hooked to your channel and answers your question of how to buy subscribers and views on YouTube.

So after reading through all this you are now armed with the knowledge of how to buy subscribers for your channel and make it big on the platform. With proper skills and ideas, buying some subscribers when starting your channel out is a very good idea as long as you are spending your dough with legitimate sources on the internet. Who knows you might end up being the lead authority on the platform and someday in the future you will be teaching the same techniques to others that you have mastered today.