Looking to start your journey as a YouTuber? Or wondering how to market on YouTube?

If you begin your YouTube marketing journey this year, this is an awesome time to start. With billions of active viewers on the platform, YouTube does provide a very enticing option when it comes to promoting your brand. But before you go in diving into the world of marketing on YouTube, you will need to form an effective strategy of marketing as almost every viewer on YouTube is not a fan of ads. Whenever you are starting out, engaging your core audience can be quite a challenge if you are not armed with the correct YouTube marketing strategy. There is absolutely no reason to be intimidated by the vastness and flexibility of the platform. By the time you are done with this guide, you will be battle-ready to take on your brand to a new level of excellence. Let us take a look at some of the best YouTube practices that you can employ today to get ahead of the competition. Before we jump in, we will be talking on how to use YouTube for marketing and focus on some key metrics that will enhance your performance. We will be understanding how to create and optimise your channel on YouTube, how to understand and target your audience and how to take advantage of advertising on the platform. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at our comprehensive guide on YouTube marketing

Creating a Kickass YouTube business channel:

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When you are creating your account on YouTube, make sure you are opting for a business profile and not a personal one. This gives you the ability to:

  • Assign multiple admins to the channel which is not possible if you are using a personal account. A personal account only allows access to only one user.
  • Have better viewer insight tools to gauge the performance.

There are a lot of variables to factor in when you start with your YouTube marketing and therefore having a helping hand is very important. It is very easy to find step by step guide to creating a business account from the help section of YouTube. At least one or two people should be working together in order to keep the channel running smoothly.

Know your audience:

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This is true for any platform that you choose to promote on. Without understanding your audience, strategies cannot be formed and strategies are the most important cogwheel in any marketing campaign. When you have a business account, you have access to the Analytics tab. This is an essential tool that when used wisely can yield some very important data. This tab gives a comprehensive view of various viewer insights including:

  • view counts,
  • interaction rates,
  • average watch time
  • comments and likes etc.

Pay close attention to this data as this will help you with a better understanding of your viewers. This will also confirm whether your videos are reaching the intended audience or not and help you in creating a better YouTube video marketing strategy based on the results. Apart from the quantitative data, Analytics also provides you with an interactive and easy way of reading and managing comments. Asking direct questions or organising various polls can also be a great way of understanding the needs of your audience and YouTube’s Community Page can be quite useful in these cases as this gives you the opportunity to directly interact with your subscribers.

Know your competition:

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Analysing your competition is essential for any business and is also critical in forming your YouTube strategy of marketing. Fortunately, there are many avenues to get information. With just a simple glance at the competition’s profile will lend you important data that you can easily incorporate in your YouTube marketing strategy. Understand what is working and not working for your competition and implement strategies accordingly. Watch their videos to understand what they are doing to keep their viewers hooked to their channel. As you start with your video marketing on YouTube, this insight will lend you invaluable tips on forming your own content strategy. Read their video descriptions to know what keywords they are focussing on in order to come top in search results. Use similar ones to boost your ranking on search results.  

Learn from the best:

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When you started watching YouTube for the first time, you might have dreamt of having a YouTube channel for yourself one day. You definitely had a favourite channel that you loved to watch. Some of my personal channels on YouTube include AndroidAuthority, Windows Central and Linus Tech Tips. Even if the channels don’t necessarily align with your genre but they can lend you valuable tips for your marketing campaigns. Finding inspiration is very important in every walk of life and marketing with YouTube is no exception. Keep in mind that YouTube is a great resource for new learners and you can easily find tons of marketing tutorials on YouTube. This might seem weird at first, but it is indeed a very effective method of learning. Never be afraid of trying something new, who knows success might be waiting for you right around the next corner.

SEO optimisation:

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This is perhaps one of the most crucial steps in establishing a successful marketing campaign on YouTube. SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimisation” and it plays a pivotal role in digital marketing. Optimising your content for SEO makes sure that your contents rank better in search results. Marketing YouTube videos has never been so simple. Let us take a look at some of the positive practices for SEO optimisation.

  • Perfect title: The title is the first thing people are going to look at. Make sure you have something short and relevant. No one likes a clickbait. Including focused keywords in the title is a great way of making sure that your video pops up in search results.
  • An attracting thumbnail: When you are using YouTube for business marketing, having a descriptive thumbnail is very important. One great way of creating a thumbnail is freezing a frame from to use professional image manipulation tools to create your very own thumbnails. Using an image manipulation software, it gives you the flexibility of creating your unique designs helping your video to stand out from the rest of the search results.
  • Video Description: Not everyone knows the fact that video descriptions play a vital role in search engine optimisation. Ideally, the description is meant to serve as a short description of your video. This serves an important role as descriptions give you the ability to add links, hashtags and many other things. Video descriptions are generally limited to a maximum character strength of 5000 and up to 15 hashtags.
  • Bumper ads, cards and watermarks: When using YouTube for marketing bumper ads, cards and watermarks are great ways of offering unobtrusive clickable CTAs to your YouTube videos. Cards can be a perfect tool to include website links, links to purchase products or affiliate links. Even other videos can be linked with the help of cards. Watermarks offer to subscribe buttons to non-subscribers and bumper ads allow to add short advertisements before your videos. These three elements combine together to offer a great viewing experience for your viewers.
  • Hashtags: Hashtags are a great tool for search engine optimisation as it makes your videos more searchable on YouTube. Look for a list of relevant hashtags to your niche that is trending on the internet. Add as many hashtags as possible to creep your contents to the top of the search results.
  • Tags: When you are looking to optimise your tags, make sure that you sort them according to their importance and relevance. Provide your videos with enough tags so as to accurately describe your video. Careful manipulation of tags can be extremely important if you want to rank better on search results. Keep an out for trending and relating tags to your niche and add them to your videos. This will make sure your videos are being watched by many people. Without proper tags on your video, you lose out on a lot more than just search result rankings, you also have the risk of losing out on potential subscribers.
  • Ask your viewers to subscribe: It is a common practice for many YouTubers to ask their viewers to subscribe to their channel. It definitely works and that too with minimal effort.


Upload quality videos consistently:

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This might seem redundant at first but uploading quality and engaging videos is essential to your YouTube marketing plan. Without proper care towards your channel, you risk losing relevance to your viewers. Uploading relevant contents establishes your identity as a professional marketer on YouTube. There are several software in the market that you can use to schedule your contents. This eliminates the need to be present in front of the screen all the time. The scheduling software will take care of all of your posts. Some of the third party software also helps you with cross-platform promotion all from the comfort of a single user dashboard. Being professional is key to consistency on YouTube. After all, YouTube is more popular than television in most parts of the world, so you should run your channel like a TV station.

Optimising your channel:

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You might have stumbled upon a YouTube channel with millions of subscribers and you are wondering how to attract more followers to your YouTube channel? You will need to ask yourself the following question. “Will I, as a viewer, subscribe to this channel willingly?”. If you find the answer to be yes you can simply skip this step.

When you are marketing YouTube videos, optimising your YouTube channel is equally important as optimising your videos. This helps in providing a consistent and cohesive experience for your viewers and even some conversion into regular subscribers. Here are a few effective tips into optimising your YouTube channel:

  • YouTube profile: The first thing to start with when optimising your profile is your bio. Make sure that you have a keyword rich and comprehensive bio on your YouTube channel. Add an attractive and engaging banner and profile picture. Using your business logo as your profile photo is a great idea. Note that, the images that you upload should not exceed 2 MB. Also, add relevant contact information and links to your professional website to drive more traffic. Adding a list of featured channels to your profile is another great way to promoting healthy competition and it also allows your viewers’ easy access to resources on YouTube. Networking with other creators and forging relationships with them is a great way of promotion and collaboration.
  • YouTube Playlists: If you are still following this YouTube guide on marketing chances are you are finding tons of important tips that you never had a clue about. Creating playlists of your videos is a great way of increasing more views on your videos as playlists tend to auto play until the end of the playlist is reached. Curate your playlists carefully and make sure of the logical progression of idea and thought from one video to the next. This reduces the chance of viewers clicking away to another channel. Relevant keywords in playlists also boost your SEO and help with better search result rankings as playlists are also searchable on YouTube. Collaborate with other like-minded creators and add their videos to your playlist and ask them to do the same as this will benefit both parties. This might seem odd at first and seem like giving free publicity to your competitors, but trust us, you will be doing yourself a great favour in the long run. Healthy competition is always welcome and a great way of gauging self performance in the face of criticism.

Channel Layout:

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  • When you are a regular uploader on the platform you are bound to end up with tons of videos on your channel and therefore it becomes very important to organise your videos efficiently or your viewers might miss out on some of your videos. If you are planning to do any form of video marketing on YouTube, having a well organised YouTube channel is key to your success. When your viewers come to your channel, they should be aware of where everything on your page is located. It is a very common misconception that viewers tend to skip from video to video and don’t bother checking out the actual home page of the channel. This is absolutely not true. Not only having a cohesive and linear profile help with user experience but will also encourage them to watch other videos on your channel. This organisation will also make it easy for my subscribers to get an idea of the contents that you publish and will easily associate with them.
  • Boost Brand Awareness: There should be an innate reflection of your brand on your YouTube channel in order to boost brand awareness. Adding your brand logo to your page and video thumbnails will make it look more professional and also will help your viewers acknowledge your brand. Putting your business logo on your channel will create a sense of professionalism and subscribers will be able to draw parallels from your brand every time they see your logo creating a sense of familiarity.
  • Cross Promotion: This seems like a no brainer, but we feel obliged to mention that YouTube gives you a great option of promoting your videos on other social media platforms. This makes YouTube social media marketing ideal when you have your presence on other platforms as well. This helps you to increase your reach on YouTube. If you already have a decent follower base on other social media outlets such as Instagram or Facebook, getting more views and subscribers to your YouTube channel and videos a piece of cake. This is probably one of the best features the platform has to offer, mutually benefitting both of your profiles at the same time.
  • Closed captions: Closed captioning can be a great way of landing higher on search results. YouTube has an automatic captioning feature; you can use it if you like or create them yourself. Either way, it is recommended that you have some form of close captioning on your videos.
  • Multi-lingual video translations: According to a recent survey more than 50% of the views on a video does not originate from the creator’s native country. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to add different language subtitles to your YouTube videos. Don’t know the language yourself to translate it? Well, you can easily get crowdsourced free translations from your subscriber base. Just make sure you have turned on the feature “community contributions” for the videos. You can find this option in the creator studio under the menu tab “Translations and Transcriptions”. Turn this feature on for all of your videos and let the crowd do its magic. Keep in mind that this feature is not fool proof and therefore won’t be offering superior quality, but it can surely be a good starting point. Once you get the translations from the community approving them is also easy thanks to Google’s translation feature which give you an approximate translation so that you get a rough idea of what is written in another language. If you want to know how to use youtube for business marketing globally, this feature of YouTube is a great tool at your disposal to connect with viewers from all around the globe and make sure that they see your videos. The language barrier is no more.
  • Annotations: Have you ever saw a text overlay on your video that when it is clicked, navigates to a new page or a video. Well, this is what an annotation is. Annotations are an effective way of adding links or information over the video. This helps with the entire video watching experience. You can use annotations in a variety of ways, some of them include, a link to subscribe to your channel, link to other playlists or other related videos, encourage them to like your videos or simply navigate to your homepage. With annotations, you have the flexibility to use it the way you seem fit. Customise them to your heart’s content. Change colours, font, size anything that you want and personalize it to suit your profile and theme. Here are a few important annotations that you can use on your videos:
  • Like or Share: As we mentioned earlier, asking your viewers to subscribe to your channel is a very effective way into gaining new followers. You will be amazed at what a little request can do.
  • Subscribe: Upload quality contents consistently as this will give your viewers to subscribe to your channel so that they never miss out on any important update.
  • Video links: Always make sure that you add links to other relevant videos on your channel at the end of each video. This will make sure that your viewers don’t click away to another channel. Pls adding video links will also help you to get more views and engagements on other videos of your channel.


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As social media has grown immensely over the last few years, YouTube and other social media platforms have taken over television, newspaper and radio as the top avenue for advertisement.it takes genuine experience if you want to choose the most efficient method of putting ads on YouTube because every form of advertising has its own unique set of pros and cons. Read on to know which is the best option for you at the best value for your hard earned cash.

By now you should be familiar with how to use YouTube for business marketing. Let us now take a look at advertising on YouTube. If you are looking to expand YouTube advertising can be a great option for you. With paid ads, your channel is not the only place people will see your contents. There are many types of YouTube ads, but the main ones include, Non-skippable ads, skippable ads, Bumper ads, Overlay ads, Display ads and Sponsored cards. For a detailed guide on the types of ads and the benefit it comes with, check out YouTube’s guide for advertisement. The key to producing a perfect ad is to be so much engaging and entertaining that your viewers forget that they are watching an online ad. With YouTube ads, you get the ability target your audience according to your needs, this means you will not have to waste your money on bunch profiles who are not even interested with the type of content that you are producing, resulting in a hyper focused subscriber base. Let us take a brief look at the different types of ads that you can use and how to market YouTube videos

  • Skippable ads: This is the most common type of advertising on YouTube with almost every video featuring skippable ads. The main feature of these ads is that they can be skipped after 5 seconds of viewing. This is one of the safest ways to advertise on YouTube as advertisers will have to pay only if people watch their ad for at least 30 seconds. Skippable ads have no limit on the length of video ad that you can upload. Adding links to your website or other pages in your skippable ads is a great of funnelling more traffic towards your website.
  • No-skippable ads: Non-skippable ads are non-skippable as the name suggests. These video ads are generally short in length and last for about 15 to 20 seconds. Adding non skippable ads in between the video allows you to add video ads up to ten minutes in length. However, this is highly discouraged as viewers don’t like to be interrupted while they are watching a video.
  • Bumper ads: The smallest type of YouTube ad is a bumper ad. These are up to 6 seconds long and are not skippable and these appear before the viewer watches the video. You will need to have a proper ad presentation if you want to capture the attention of the viewers within the six seconds that are provided to you. Use them wisely and display engaging and attention-grabbing contents with your bumper ads.
  • Overlay ads: This is the fourth type of ad on YouTube. Overlay ads can be found at the bottom of the video or the top right of the video player’s screen. Also known as “in-video ads”, overlay ads looks like a banner that gets overlayed on the video. Images and texts are only used to make overlay ads, clicking on which redirects you to a different landing page.
  • Display ads: Display ads appear above the video recommendation list. This type of add resembles a screenshot and these only depict very important information. The only limitation of display ads is that these only appear on the desktop version of YouTube and not found in the mobile version.
  • Sponsored Cards: This type of advertisement is designed t pop up on the screen when you are watching a video. This is also a very economic method of putting up ads on YouTube as advertisers only have to pay based on the number of total clicks on the ad. 300X250 px is the recommended size for a sponsored card.
  • Masthead: This is by far the most expensive method of advertising on YouTube.as this type of ad covers a very large area of the page. This type of advertising is very much suited for businesses with a large budget. Featured masthead ads feature on the top of the YouTube homepage for 24 hours. There is another type of masthead ad, called the masthead Lite. This is much smaller and cheaper than your traditional masthead and can be found on the side of the YouTube video


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Influencers on any platform is a great way to showcase tur work to a large audience. Influencers already command the love and respect of millions of subscribers and they the subscribers trust the opinions of their favourite influencer. Tapping into their world of stardom allows for a great exposure towards your channel and in turn, increasing your subscriber base. Forge relationships with influencers and grow your brand significantly today. Reach out to influencers in your genre and let them do their magic, even if you have very little conversion ratio you are sure to end up with hundreds of new followers. This makes your effort a lot more rewarding and viewers will be able to relate with your channel.

Adapt to the need: We hope by now you have mastered how to do YouTube marketing. You have built up your channel effectively, creating and uploading quality contents on your channel and collaborating with YouTube influencers. But you are not done yet. If you want to sustain your growth on the platform you will need to adapt with anything the platform throws at you. This requires constant analysis and monitoring on your part. It is advised that you always keep an eye on the following metrics:

  • changes in the number of subscribers on your channel.
  • Sources of traffic and the locations of video playback.
  • Demographics of your audience.
  • Reports on devices used for content consumption.
  • Viewer engagement such as comments, likes and shares.

YouTube analytics is a great tool in gaining these invaluable viewer insights.

After all, is said and done, marketing videos on YouTube is an art which requires utter focus and dedication to achieve. With millions of marketers on the platform, you will need to make sure that your strategies always keep you ahead of the herd. This is key to any successful marketing campaign, online or offline.